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Weird News #1 – This confirms it, we live in a mad world.

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Pictures and stories posted on November 13, 2007. Source: AOL

Man marries a stray dog

Man weds dog

P. Selvakumar places a garland on Selvi, a former stray dog, during their wedding in Manamadurai, India, Nov. 11. Selvakumar said he thinks he was cursed for stoning two other dogs to death and wed Selvi in an atonement attempt.

Toilet shaped house

House shaped like a toilet in South Korea

A house shaped like a toilet was built in Suwon, South Korea, to commemorate November’s inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association. Its owner aims to raise awareness about the importance of sanitation.

How do you want your rat done sir… Medium?

Rats for sale in Thailand to roadside food stalls

A villager cleans rats north of Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 1 before selling them to roadside food stands. Struggling to make ends meet in their pest-infested villages, some Thai farmers are getting a cash boost from “rat money.”

…hand me some of those rectangle strawberries as well…

Square Watermelons

A young visitor takes a look at cubic watermelons at an expo in Wuhan, China, Nov. 1. Growers constrain the melons in boxes to make them easier to ship and store.

Nice, erm, striped socks you got there ma’am…

‘Show Me Your Sloggi’ world championship

Finalists in the ‘Show Me Your Sloggi’ world championship contest stand before a jury tasked with choosing the most beautiful bottom in the world, in Munich, Germany, Oct. 31.

Huge Pumpkin

Huge pumpkin

Master pumpkin carver Hugh McMahon digs into a 1,662-pound champion pumpkin at Chelsea Market in New York Oct. 30. The pumpkin, from Des Moines, Iowa, is officially the second-largest in history.


Interacting galaxies

A pair of interacting galaxies labeled Arp 87 appear in a photo released by NASA Oct. 30. Stars, gas, and dust flow from the large spiral galaxy, NGC 3808, and form an enveloping arm around its companion.

Ahhhh! Run! It’s BigFoot! No wait, it’s a bear with a bad hair day…


This photo, auto-snapped in a Pennsylvania forest, was released by hunter Rick Jacobs in October. Some speculate that the creature could be a Sasquatch (or bigfoot), but others say it’s just a bear with a bad skin infection.

That’s it for now… Till next time, stay weird folks…

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