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Ill-Fitting Bras May Hurt Your Breasts: Research

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 July 2008No Comment

Anna-Ohura-3Ok, new research from London has just warned that women who wear the wrong kind of bras could be damaging their breasts.

The BBC recently reported that the breast biomechanics team at the University of Portsmouth as saying that poor support from ill fitting bras could lead to fragile ligaments in the breasts being stretched.

Researchers tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women over the past 3 years (and how the heck do I join this team??) and found that during exercise, breasts move up to 21 cm up and down, in and out and side to side – but that most bras just limit vertical movement. (*Did everyone just picture a wild pair of breasts rotating like a windmill? And how do breasts move “in and out”? Yee…)


Ms Wendy Hedger, one of the scientists involved with this research said that women are unaware that they are wearing a badly-fitting bra or unknowingly wearing the wrong size bra because they are routinely being sold ill-fitting bras.

She also said that women should keep in mind that breasts do change in shape and size and they might have to go through several changes in bra size over their lifetime, especially after breast-feeding or menopause. If the wrong bra is chosen, women will potentially suffer from breast pain or discomfort. (*Reported by the BBC)

Sigh, looks like I’ll have to step up again…
That’s right… I’ll have no choice but to volunteer my time and services to help women find the right bra.
Don’t worry, I’ll definitely take “things” into my own hands and find one that fits perfect, even if it takes all day.
Hey, don’t you roll your eyes at me… I’m just concerned for all you women out there ok??
First person I would really like to help would be none other than the beautiful Ms Yoko Matsugane…
ill-fitting bras, bras, breasts, yoko matsugane, busty
A personal note to the gorgeous Ms Yoko, that is definitely an ill-fitting garment. In all seriousness, please give me a call at 1-800-BOOB PERV right away… Hear from you soon!
Later guys… 😉
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