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Hummer H3

Submitted by on Friday, 16 November 2007One Comment

Yowza… That’s the word that I’ll use to describe the new Hummer H3 from GM.

It looks fantastic doesn’t it? And the good news is, it’s finally here in Singapore.

Saving up for this bad boy… Hmm, having said that, I think I’ll get there in the year 2088…

Here’s the lowdown on this rugged machine…

(Text and pictures all taken from Hummer.)

The Hummer H3

The midsize H3. Proof positive that good things can come in small packages. Even if you are a HUMMER. Of course, to belong to the HUMMER family, you not only have to look the part, you also have to live up to the off-road reputation that the family made famous. We’re proud to say that the H3 does. Fully capable off-road. Totally comfortable on it.

Hummer H3 - On the road

It all began with the H1. Arguably the most off-road capable vehicle to hit the market. Then came the H2. A more civilized Hummer that achieved the perfect balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability. Now with the midsize H3, even more people can experience the feeling of exhilaration that comes only when you get behind the wheel of a Hummer.

Hummer H3 - Lineage


Hummer H3 - DetailsThe H3 is designed to get you through most off-road obstacles unscathed with its fully welded steel frame, 8.5 inches of ground clearance, and full undercarriage protection. The H3 is also particularly adept in water, being able to ford 24 inches at 5mph and 16 inches at 20mph. And a 37 degrees approach angle coupled with a 35.5 degrees departure angle will help you get rid of most of your hang ups. Since the H3 was designed to handle extreme off-road conditions, it stands to reason that it’s surefooted on-road as well, but that didn’t stop our engineers from adding a few “just in case” features. The swing gate is mounted with a full-sized spare, the standard OnStar comes with a 1 year Safe and Sound Service Plan (*only in Canada and US) and remote keyless entry with a panic button provides the driver with a heightened sense of security. Powering the H3 is the Vortec 3700 3.7L engine. It turns out 242 hp and 242 lb.-ft of torque at 4600 rpm with either the 5-speed manual or the available 4-speed manual transmission. Being both high-tech and lightweight, the Vortec 3700 further brings to the H3 a perfect balance between performance and fuel economy (EPA estimated MPG 13 City/18 Highway).


Hummer H3 - Highlights and Innovation



The 4 Channel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), standard on the H3, allows steering control even under extreme braking, without tire “lock up”. The ABS in the H3 also adjusts to changing roads, helping you come to a smooth, controlled stop on almost any surface. For example, after heavy rains, a washboard type pattern can develop on dirt roads. The H3’s ABS is able to recognize this surface and react by preventing the ABS from continually repeating a cycle of applying and depressurizing the brakes.


Another integral part of this intelligent braking system is Dynamic Rear Brake Proportioning. This system modulates rear brake pressure and ensures that braking is balanced between both front and rear brakes. In English, that means the nose of the H3 won’t dive down while braking hard. And in any language, that means your passengers might not even notice what just happened.


The Stabilitrak Stability Enhancement System, standard on the H3, provides more precise, all-weather control by applying braking forces to help correct oversteer or understeer. This is particularly useful on slick surfaces or during emergency maneuvers, such as swerving to avoid an object in the road.

2) VORTEC 3700

Hummer H3 - Vortec 3700Breathing life into the H3 is the Vortec 3700 5-cylinder engine that generates an impressive 242 lb-ft of low end torque at 4600 rpm and strikes a perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency. Being both high-tech and lightweight, this “smart engine” is highly durable, making it the perfect choice for the H3.

The Vortec 3700 is available with either a standard, smooth shifting five-speed manual transmission or a Hydra-matic 4L60-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission includes shift modes specific to the low-range operation, which, combined with speed-based throttle progressions, help optimize drivability in low-range off-highway conditions.


Hummer H3 - Onstar system

Standard for one year on the Hummer is the OnStar system. In an emergency, such as a vehicle collision, your OnStar system can automatically notify your OnStar Advisor and provide your H3’s exact location.

Of if you ever make the mistake of locking your keys in your car, you can call the OnStar Centre and an advisor can send a signal to unlock your doors remotely. And if you ever forget where you park your H3, you can alert OnStar to activate your horn and lights to easily locate your truck.

In the event of theft, OnStar can also attempt to pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location in real time, aiding greatly in vehicle recovery. Of course, OnStar’s success varies with conditions and this service is only available in certain markets.


Hummer H3 - Airbags

All H3s come standard with dual front air bags that feature a Passenger Sensing System. This system decides whether to enable or suppress the front passenger air bags based on the passenger seated weight. The air bag is enabled when the system classifies the occupant as an adult and automatically turns off whenever the seat is unoccupied or if a smaller adult occupies it. In addition, the H3 has a number of child-based safety features like the LATCH system for anchoring child seats in the rear, rear door child locks, and “anti-pitch protection” for the power windows and sunroof.

Another key feature on the H3 are the standard head curtain side air bags with roof line to belt rollover sensors. In the event of a moderate to severe side-impact collision, the head curtain side air bags inflat, providing added head-impact protection for the front and rear passengers sitting next to the doors.


Hummer H3 - Full Time 4WD

Powered by an electronically controlled, fully integrated powertrain system, the H3 is a versatile full time 4WD vehicle with full-function traction control.

The powertrain-integrated, 2 speed, electronically controlled, full time 4WD system enables you to go places even the most seasoned SUVs couldn’t dream of. By offering both high and low range, high for on road and low for off road, the H3 gives you more precise throttle control and more horsepower at slower speeds for times when you need it. This, coupled with the full function, single-wheel traction control, allows the H3 to marry matchless off road capability with outstanding fuel efficiency. This is an EPA estimated mpg 14 city/18 highway, which is about 5.9 km per litre (city) or 7.65 km per litre (highway).


Hummer H3 - Highlights : On the outside


Hummer H3 - Protection - Underbody protection package & Rocker panel protection

The H3 boasts underbody protection that runs the entire length of the vehicle beginning with the thick, solid aluminium, front skid plate. This shield helps protect the frame and front suspension components from rock strikes and other hard hits. Also standard are three high-strenth steel skid plates to help protect the oil pan, fuel tank and the transfer case.

An available Undebody Protection Package features two skid plates, providing enhanced protection for the transfer case and the transmission oil pan as well.

Also available is is full-body Rocker Panel Protection designed to help protect the sides of the vehicle from even the meanest off road threats.


Hummer H3 - Iconic Design

Even at a glance, you immediately know the H3 is a Hummer.

The 7 slot louvered grille, the rectangular windows, the skid plate, the large tires, the low glass-to-steel ratio are all classic Hummer cues.

And like every Hummer before it, many of these styling cues also serve certain functional purposes. But on closer inspection, you’ll also find the H3 has an identity of its own.


Hummer H3 - Accessories

Choose from a wide range of accessories to customise your Hummer the way you like it. To that end, you can choose from a wide variety of individual accessories, engineered specially for Hummer.


Hummer H3 - Off Road

The Hummer H3’s large tires, wide stance, and short front and rear overhangs combine not only to carve a distinctly Hummer silhouette, but also to provide stability, outstanding ground clearance and enhanced rock climbing ability. The skid plate provides vital underbody protection while off roading. The large tires also enhance traction both on and off road.


Hummer H3 - On the inside


Hummer H3 - Seating

Hummer H3 - Seating 2


Get behind the wheel of the Hummer H3 and you’ll instantly feel like it was custom designed for you. From the rotary control switches to the individual gauge bezels to the soft touch caps on the control switches, you’ll notice everything is ergonomically organized, easy to use, and accessible.

3) ONSTAR SYSTEM (as described above)


Hummer H3 - Radio system

Of course, the choice of the above stereo systems may not be available in all markets.


Hummer H3 - Specs & Dimensions


Hummer H3 - Colours

These are the colours available for the Hummer H3.

Make mine black I say…

Hummer H3 Black

Ok, for more information on Hummer, or more specifically the Hummer H3, Hummer accessories and more details and pictures of the the Hummer H3, please visit the official Hummer website.

Or if you prefer, you can go download a copy of their Hummer H3 brochure from here.

If you’re in Singapore and want to own one of these bad boys, go check it out here.

Damn… I want one of these….

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Drive the above car? Or just have something to say about it? Let other readers know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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