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Gibson ES-335 Satin Finish

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 November 20073 Comments

This is currently my favourite guitar – the Gibson ES-335.

Gibson ES-335 Satin Finish

“The Gibson ES-335 brought hollowbody tradition and solidbody performance together in 1958, and it is still one of the all-time classic guitar designs.” – The Gibson Guitar Company

The ES-335 that I have is not in the Cherry finish but in the Trans Black finish.

I remembered when I bought the Gibson ES-335, I just lay it on the bed and stared at it for an hour and a half before I picked it up again. The classic shape and beautiful curves on this guitar are just beautiful and breathtaking.

Plugging it into my Marshall, it gave me the warmest tone that I have ever heard. Clean notes and chords sounded crystal clear while distorted power chords and riffs sounded heavy and gut wrenching. It is such a versatile guitar that it can be used for almost any musical application.

The Gibson Guitar Company first made this guitar in 1958 and it has since reached legendary status, after being in the hands of such diverse guitarists in different genres like : Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, the legendary session guitarist Larry Carlton, Eric Clapton (when he was with The Yardbirds), Dennis Coffey (Motown session guitarist), Sheryl Crow, Tom DeLonge (Blink 182), Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Eric Johnson, B.B. King, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Mke McCready (Pearl Jam), the legendary Roy Orbison, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes) and Carl Wilson (The Beach Boys)…. er, just to name a few…

This particular model comes in a plain top with a satin lacquer finish. Here are some other stats:

Body & Hardware

Plain laminated maple top, back and rims

16 1/2″ (W) x 20″ (L) x 1 3/4″ (D)

Single-ply binding on top and back

Nickel Hardware

ABR-1 bridge, stopbar tailpiece

Neck & Headstock

1 piece mahogany neck

22 fret rosewood fingerboard

Pearloid dot inlays

1960 slim taper neck profile

24 3/4″ scale length, 1 11/16″ nut width

Vintage tulip tuners


’57 Classic humbucking pickups

2 volume, 2 tone, 3 way selector switch

Here is a review I found of this sweet guitar from Sweetwater :

” The Gibson ES-335 with a Satin Finish!
With the exception of the Les Paul Standard, there are few other guitars in the Gibson catalog that can match the ES-335 for sheer star power. It’s been seen in the hands of guitarists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, B. B. King and session legend, Larry Carlton (who has his own 335 Signature model). And of all the ES-335s Gibson has made, the one with the most magic is the 1959 Dot-Neck. With its arched top, f-holes and solid maple center block, the semi-hollow 335 has all the raw power of a solid body, but with the refined elegance of a traditional Gibson archtop. The ES-335 is the perfect guitar for practically any musical setting. It’s as perfect a fit for jazz and fusion as it is for blues, hard rock and beyond. Later models had block inlays, but the dot neck will forever hold a special place in the hearts of most guitar players.

Gibson ES-335 Satin at a Glance:

  • Semi-hollow body design with maple top, back and sides in Faded Cherry finish with single-ply cream binding
  • Slim 1960 taper mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and pearloid dot inlays
  • Two ’57 Classic Humbuckers

A Very Special 335
The first ES-335s that rolled off the Gibson production line have truly achieved legendary status. Maybe it’s the semi-hollow body design, the sound of its two humbucking pickups or just the simple elegance of the pearloid dot inlays. Whatever it is, it’s made the original 1950s ES-335s among the most sought-after guitars among collectors who are often happy to pay astronomical prices for instruments in good condition. Odds of even finding a dot neck 335 from the 1950s today are almost zero. The next best thing is to get your hands on the this ES-335. It has the looks, the sound and the star power of the real thing.

Slimmer is Better
No, we’re not talking about the latest fad diet, we’re talking about the 1959 ES-335’s neck profile. It’s the 1960s so-called “slim taper” neck profile. In any case, the combination of a fast-playing mahogany neck and the warmth of a rosewood fingerboard is what the ES-335 is all about.

Two ’57 Classic Humbuckers Onboard
Most players agree that the ’57 PAF (Patent Applied For) humbuckers are as good as it gets when you’re talking about tone. It’s got it all: Complex midrange, punchy lows and a smooth top end that won’t make your teeth hurt. If you’re looking for a pickup that starts out clean and can really smoke when your amp is on 11, well then, this just might be nirvana!

Gibson ES-335 Satin Features:

  • Color: Faded Cherry
  • Top: Maple
  • Back: Maple
  • Sides: Maple
  • Neck: Mahogany with ’59 rounded profile
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearloid dot inlays
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Pickups: Two ’57 Classic Humbuckers
  • Controls: Two each tone and volume with three-way pickup selector switch
  • Machine heads: Vintage tulip
  • Hardware: Nickel plated
  • Case: Custom Shop hardshell

The Gibson ES-335 Satin delivers both punch and finesse!

Gibson: Don’t Mess with a Good Thing
Gibson guitars have been around for well over a century. When guitarists are looking for an outstanding combination of superb tone and playability along with great looks and gorgeous finishes, the choice for most of those 100 plus years has been Gibson. From their amazing collection of fine acoustics to the electric guitars that literally rewrote music history, Gibson guitars have been on almost every chart-topping album from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream and Led Zeppelin. These “first call” instruments also cross an enormous array of diverse styles, from folk and country to blues and hard rock. With that resume, it’s not surprising that so many of Gibson’s best-selling instruments have changed little over the decades. Because there’s just no sense in messing with a good thing!”

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  • Adam Rowlands said:

    good review.

    I can’t really afford this so I’ve been looking at the epiphone dot.
    is that still a good guitar and would it be good for new green day stuff like of American idiot album?

  • Adam Liau said:

    Hey… thanks! Although I can’t take credit for the review found at Sweetwater though…

    Not sure about the Epiphone Dot as I haven’t tried it… I’m sure it’s a good guitar.

    Some help on this from Epiphone Dot users?

  • Jarod Hitson said:

    Only thing that put me off is how the fretboard and headstock are heavier than the body itself, sometimes making it awkward to hold. It’s something small in the overall experience however.