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Fox Squirrel Mistaken for Orang Utan in Florida?

Submitted by on Monday, 19 November 2007No Comment

Ok, this one sounds pretty funny… It was reported on November 16, 2007, that a mystery animal was seen sneaking around Baker County, Florida. Wildlife officials corrected public misconception by stating that the animal is most likely a fox squirrel and not an orang utan as originally thought…

Yes you did read that correctly… WTF people, how the heck do you get confused between a fox squirrel and an orang utan? Just because of the red orange fur?? Residents were reportedly saying that they saw “a big orange ball of fur”… Yah, but a squirrel and an orang utan??

Fox squirrel next to an orang utan

I had a hairy dachshund with luscious reddish orangey fur but I never looked at it startled and go, “AHH!! You look like a freaking primate today!!” and start throwing bananas at it right…

And for that, a pissed off orang utan has this to say…

Angry orangutan


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